Baltic Ultimate Champions Cup indoor (BUCCi) recap

written by Ravi Vasudevan 14/04/2015
Baltic Ultimate Champions Cup indoor (BUCCi) recap

Note: This article was guest written by Girts Betmanis of Salaspils Wild Things

This may be the first time that you have ever heard of the Baltic Ultimate Champions Cup indoor (BUCCi), and especially of those not very well known Latvian teams. We are confident that you will enjoy every second of reading this.

BUCCi is now officially the most competitive tournament in the Baltics. At the very end of almost every indoor ultimate season in Europe, BUCCi was a great way to conclude this season.

At the end of March (28th – 29th) the first ever Baltic Ultimate Champions Cup indoor (BUCCi) took place in Salaspils, Latvia. Two days of great Ultimate, tough games and really good times with Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian national champs in an open and women division. Overall we had 4 teams in each division.


Open Division

Looking at the men’s side it was tough to predict which of the champion teams would bring the best performance and prove themselves as the best ones. On the first day, the second best team from Latvia, “Flying Worms” was the biggest surprise, beating everyone they played and earning the spot for the championship game. The “Salaspils WT” – Latvian national champs looked good, only lost in the home country rivalry against “Flying Worms” in universe point. Next, “Salaspils WT” overcame the tough guys of experienced Lithuanian champions “Vorai”, having a great 5 point comeback. At the end of a game the Salaspils guys squeezed past 13-12, in a real battle. Meanwhile “Tallinn Thunder” as Estonian national champions cruised past Lithuanian “Vorai”, showing big confidence and athleticism to beat their opponents.


The Open final was a really good game. It went point to point until the very end of the second half. At the end of the game, “Salaspils WT” were able to use more patient offence to build up a small lead that won them the game and trophy. On top of a bunch of huge layouts and skies, both teams really showed great Ultimate and Spirit.  (“Flying Worms” had commited few mistakes which prevented them from revenge on the Latvian national championships.)

Women division

The whole tournament for “Salaspils FK” – Latvian national champions, was a big challenge. They proved themselves as a very strong team, especially after a hard battle and win against the best Estonian team “Sexy Legs”. The “Moments”(Latvian vice-champs) ladies were the second strongest team and their experience provided victories over “Sexy Legs” and “Bubblicious” from Lithuania.


The final was an intensive game in which “Salaspils FK” couldn’t get a lead by two points till the very end of the game. Everytime “Salaspils FK” scored, “Moments” replayed with another point. There wasn’t that much difference between the two teams, except in the depth of roster. “Moments” worked hard and kept focus which was very impressive to watch. Despite the lack of defensive pressure “Moments” faded away from victory and finally lost the game by 2 points (13:15). Once more “Salaspils FK” won the final and the champions trophy.


As an event, the tournament was well organized in every way – tight games in a top notch hall in Latvia, good and cheap food, hard-working organizers and tournament staff.

This was the time to prove which of the Baltic teams are the “Champion of Champions”.


We might say that it was also an opportunity for teams to play hard and have a great time in late season. We will back next year for even more competitive Ultimate for sure.

If you are an indoor champion of your country feel free to join us next year to build up the competition as well as reputation. We are pretty confident that Russian, Belarussian, Swedish and Finnish teams will join us next year. Who knows, maybe in 2-3 years we will grow up to held first ever European Ultimate Championships indoor. (editor’s note: these probably have happened before if we’re not mistaken)

To get more information about BUCCi and action pictures, check our FB page. To see footage of final games, check Latvia Flying Disc Federation youtube channel. For more results visit this.