Greenland – A Rocky Frisbee Adventure – Jonathan Clarey

written by Johan Bommie 16/08/2017
Greenland – A Rocky Frisbee Adventure – Jonathan Clarey

Get Horizontal proudly presents this amazing photo essay by Jonathan Clarey.
This London based ultimate player went on a photography trip to the rugged heights of Greenland.
Not only did he bring his camera, he also brought a frisbee (can’t leave home without it!) and came back with these stunning images.

Jonathan: “Greenland really is a breathtakingly beautiful place.
It’s a photographic playground. I had a lot of fun and we got incredibly lucky with the weather.
Thanks to Max Rive Photography for showing us all the best photography locations.
Max is a very inspiring guy and a great photographer so if you want to see what a master can do with such good source material you should check out his photos as well on

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