Photo Essay: 25 Years Tom’s Tourney in 25 Pictures

written by Johan Bommie 09/05/2017
Photo Essay: 25 Years Tom’s Tourney in 25 Pictures

Tom’s Tourney, a magical place bringing together people who share dreams, hopes and ambitions  ….

Get Horizontal is proud to be a solid partner of this annual frisbee festival in the heart of Bruges, Belgium. And since we believe a picture is worth a thousand words, here are 25 pictures of the 25th anniversary edition of Tom’s Tourney.

EYE IN THE SKY: from above the setup looks even more impressive. An incredible village pops up every year to host 800 frisbee enthusiasts in one of Belgium’s (and Europe’s!) most beautiful cities: Bruges.

ANOTHER EYE IN THE SKY: An impressive livestream thanks to our friends from FANSEAT.  Check out the archived games right here.

HEAPS OF FUN ON THE FIELD: having fun while playing high level ultimate with your teammates is just about as good as it gets.

HEAPS OF FUN OFF THE FIELD: Awaken your inner child on the crazy inflatable obstacle course, just like Tournament Director Glenn did right here. Fun guarantueed.

DRESS UP: In ultimate, any reason is good enough to dress up funky, and so is simply playing. We’ve never (like never, for real) heard of another sport where you get to play a high level international tournament wearing a mullet-headband and a shirt that can hardly be described.

ALL SMILES: We just love to see people smile. Smiles rock. People rock.


CHASE IT: Thanks to our partners Spikeball we were able to give away a ton of free sets at Tom’s Tourney. Of course you had to chase it first 🙂

SWAG: Thanks to our friends from Five Ultimate everybody could get their hands on extra swag, and represent Tom’s Tourney at practices & tournaments worldwide.

MEAT & GREET: Oh that barbecue simply gets to us every time. At least there’s some certainties in life!

QUALITY: quality ultimate, quality teams, quality pitches (mostly natural, 1 artificial) to chase plastic LIKE A BOSS!

BRUGSE ZOT: our second religion perhaps?

ICYMI: Did we mention we really like to play Spikeball?

CELEBRATE: celebrating 25 years of Tom’s Tourney, but also 30 years of Freezzz Beezz. What more reasons could you think of?

SPIKEY: Ok, we’re back with the Spikeball. But it’s not our fault. Almost everybody seems to like a little game of roundnet. So another huge shoutout to Spikeball for making all of this happen!

CONNECTION: We like social media. We like nice photographs. But what we dig way more than all of this is connecting with friends IN REAL LIFE. What better way to do so than have a long, easy chat after a hard day of ultimate?

#THEULTIMATELIFE: To us this means living life to the fullest. And in this case let it be a dedication to the memory of Tom Vanryckeghem to whom this tournament was named after. To all people reading this: go out and live your life like there’s no tomorrow. You can’t buy happiness, but you can play frisbee and that’s pretty close!

PARTY PARADE: Our new party location was just 2 minutes away which called for a stunningly beautiful party parade hosted by our partners Five Ultimate

PARTY: What can we say. THANK YOU! Thanks for coming out and celebrating Tom’s Tourney’s 25th anniversary edition (and 30 years Freezzz Beezzz of course!). It was simply legendary (and might even have inspired us to repeat this insane birthday party next year, who knows!)