Photo Essay – The Ultimate Life @ Costa Brava by Wouter Struyf

written by Johan Bommie 06/04/2016
Photo Essay – The Ultimate Life @ Costa Brava by Wouter Struyf

Get Horizontal is proud to present an exclusive photo essay by our GH photographer Wouter Struyf. Wouter and his friends went on a trip to the infamous Costa Brava tourney on the Spanish beaches. Check out the good vibes caught on camera and follow GH here for more pics.


“It’s been at least four years since we all trained together so last year we decided to play one tournament each year just for the fun of playing. We are the first generation Schijnwerpers (club team from Antwerp, Belgium) who started the team more then 10 years ago. Some amazing tourneys, good fun and 15 kids later time to play isn’t always easy to find. Cyril Cayla, our old and first real coach, got us all motivated to hop on the plane to Spain and play Costa Brava tourney. We had a lot of fun playing and getting 3rd place without any practice isn’t too bad so I hope this tradition can stay alive for at least another 10 years. I would like to thank everyone of our team for the great weekend and especially Liesl and Sara to complete our team and Johnny and Cyril to get everything sorted.”








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