Tales And Tides & Get Horizontal: “Surf Like A Girl”

written by Johan Bommie 21/09/2017
Tales And Tides & Get Horizontal: “Surf Like A Girl”

Get Horizontal teamed up with french swimwear brand Tales & Tides for a limited edition “Surf Like A Girl” frisbee.
Read all about this adventure in this interview with T&T’s founder!
All pictures by @alexlesbats, featuring @leynabutler & @fionamora_

Hi Julia! Can you introduce yourself?

So my name is Julia and I’m Argentinean-Italian and I live in France. I’m a surf addict and a bikini lover!
When it comes to choosing swimsuits I always look for something sexy but comfortable for surfing at the same time.
Most of the times finding a bikini with these characteristics was almost impossible.
The challenge of finding a swimsuit that suited my needs motivated me to design a swimwear collection that conveys a sporty yet fresh and trendy style,
called Tales & Tides.

What distinguishes Tales & Tides from other bikini brands?

Our bikinis are conceived for surfing and tested in real conditions.
What really makes the difference is our style which is far from being “just sporty”:
we design trendy swimwear that women can wear in and out of the water!

Tales & Tides - Get Horizontal

How do you wanna inspire women who wear your swimsuits?

My mission is to make woman feel brave and confident every time they jump into the water.

What does the phrase “Surf like a girl” mean to you and the T&T gang?

It means that we can also practice sports that are traditionally “reserved for boys” like surfing or skateboarding, and we can do it good!
We don’t want to be like Barbie, we are strong, brave and adventurous!
The “T&T Gang” is a group of girls who represent the brand.
They are surfers and skaters who don’t care about having bruised knees as long as they are having fun.

Tales & Tides - Get Horizontal

Image above courtesy of Pample Studio.

What is this collaboration all about?
Well, both Get Horizontal and Tales & Tides are small, independent brands who love the beach & its lifestyle.
This collab simply reflects how young brands and entrepreneurs are ready to support each other and share their passions with the world!

Tales & Tides - Get Horizontal

For more information, check out www.talesandtides.com and follow their impressive Instagram account here!

EDITORIAL NOTE: Yes, we made a mistake. First thing to do when making mistakes is acknowledging them. Second thing to do is try better and make up for it. However, we do realize that most of the harm may be already done. And that doesn’t lie in how Get Horizontal will be perceived (we all make mistakes and have to live with them), but in the hearts and minds of women and girls who are confronted with the wrong message.

If you are unaware of what we are talking about, here’s the breakdown. We teamed up with a very awesome apparel brand (as in bikini company) called Tales And Tides, who support and represent an entire #SURFLIKEAGIRL community. When publishing this article however, we rushed things a bit and only published photos we received of two women running around a beach with a frisbee in their hands, not surfing whatsoever. Therefor, we can only apologise for sending out a message that didn’t completely represent #surflikeagirl, as we feel we missed the opportunity to inspire other women to go out and kick ass (while either surfing or play frisbee/ultimate). Also, we added actual pictures of Tales And Tides ambassadors repping T&T apparel while rocking waves like boss ladies. Just to be clear: we did not delete the original images, we just shifted the balance of this post to where we believe it should be. We do believe that everyone, including beachwear apparel brands have the right to express their creativity and style in whichever way they find comfortable.

Get Horizontal has always been on the forefront of empowering women in the ultimate community and will continue to do so in one way or another. Do consider this as an invitation for a conversation about gender equity, one in which we will happily participate and take action towards. In the meantime, keep living #THEULTIMATELIFE, which to us means going outside, being active and chasing adventures, whoever you are or wherever you’re from.

To all people who constructively called us out for this post, thank you.
Bommie, for Get Horizontal.