The Ultimate Frisbee Roadtrip Van Is Not What You Think It Is

written by Johan Bommie 24/02/2016
The Ultimate Frisbee Roadtrip Van Is Not What You Think It Is

Roadtripping to frisbee tournaments across the country/continent is what we call the perfect start to an epic weekend. And what better way to cruise across highways than with the stylish VW van pictured above?

Now, here’s the catch.

This midcentury classic van, designed with timeless character and endless appeal, is not what you think it is. California-based company Zelectric ADDED AN ELECTRIC ENGINE and revamped these legendary automobiles with a touch of today’s future-forward technology. These guys took old Volkswagen Beetles & Transporters and rebuilt them, ready for the 21st century.

If you ask us, this might very well be the Ultimate ultimate frisbee roadtrip van. Beers on us for whoever shows up at Tom’s Tourney (Bruges, BE), G-Spot Frisbee Tourney (Gent, BE), Windmill (Amsterdam, NL) or WUGC (London, UK) in one of these badboys!


“Looks like yesterday. Drives like tomorrow.”

“Fast. Electric. Forever young.”

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