Picture Contest – #THROWVEMBER 2014

written by Johan Bommie 09/12/2014
Picture Contest – #THROWVEMBER 2014

Last month we hosted a photo competition called #THROWVEMBER for a chance to win a free GH disc.
We were surprised by the amount of pictures we received through our #THEULTIMATELIFE tag on our Get Horizontal instagram account, and also through twitter and facebook.

Big thanks to all who participated, but without further ado: here are the top 10 submissions, including our number 1 winner who will receive his or her GH disc shortly!

10. Magdalena Szwed representing #surfmeetsfrisbee:

10 magdalena szwed

9. Virginie Hang “Disc on fiiiire” at Colloseo, Italia:

 9 virginie hang Disc on fiiiiiiiire ! Colosseo, Italia.

8. Milka Bustamante from Venezuela:

 8 milka bustamante venezuela

7. Eva Maxson representing belgian ultimate at Laguna Churup in Peru, at 4450m altitude:

 7 eva maxson small piece of Belgian Ultimate at Laguna Churup (4450m), Perú

6. Naomi Cavalcante as a bear in France:

 6 naomi cavalcante

5. Mamadiadors from Spain:

 5 mamadiadors

4. Tomek Kublin with a GH sticker on his disc in the snowy mountains:

 4 tomek kublin

3. Nathalie Wellens with a picture of FlyHigh Lausanne in the swiss mountains:

 3 nathalie wellens FlyHigh Lausanne hiking Glacier Corbassière, Switzerland

2. Yak Taube with a picture from the Porro Open in Spain. Yes, this was an official marriage proposal:

 2 yak taube porro open

1. And the winner is….. Pieter Van Sprang!

1 pieter van sprang Although the above picture may not seem like the most spectacular or visually interesting one, Pieter from the Netherlands made it his goal to go out and throw every day during the month of november. Every day of the month he shared his throwing pictures with us. For his passionate persistence we’d like to reward Pieter with a brand new Get Horizontal disc.


Wanna see all of his pictures? Check out his album here.

Big shoutout to all #throwvember participants!
Here are a few random honourable mentions:
@karpackie finland @nicoleyoleravioli costa rica teaching tiny ticos @tumbi79 erik van der spek 36 Syrians playing ultimate with the Bluefingers in Zwolle!jose lugo alps grenoble