Uprising Win Rising Polish Open Tournament

written by Johan Bommie 13/05/2013
Uprising Win Rising Polish Open Tournament

Uprising Wint POTA little while ago Uprising from Poland won their own Rising Polish Open Tournament. The tournament welcomed 6 teams in women’s division and 15 teams in the open division. Organised by Tournament Direcotr Lucasz Skibinski-Jozwiak , and his team Uprising off course, this tourney was the first ever open&grass tournament in Poland. You can read all about Lucasz’s motivation to get the tourney started and promote Ultimate in Poland over at Ultimate Interviews, but below is a little resume by the team itself on how they won the Rising POT 2013.

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“Finally! Uprising won their first tournament!!!!

Everybody suspected sun and hot temperature. But the weather proves us wrong. It was quite cold and from time to time even raining.
Of course it didn’t stop us from playing good games.

First one was with Foreign Legion. We have never played against them so we didn’t know what to suspect. We played our best and won 13-2.
Great game. Nice hucks and disc skills on both sides.

Second match we played against Yellow Block. We knew they have great players in their roster so staying focused for the whole game would be the key to victory.
It was very tough game but finaly we manage to win.

Last game on Saturday in the pool was with KrakUF. Guys we know from polish tournaments. They tried their best against us and grats for that. Eventually we scored more.

First game in the morning against Worsaw Open. They have some young players with great skills but still without international experience. Even though they started the game with 2-0 for them.
They had good flow and throws. But finaly lack of concentration and wrong decision didin’t let them win the game. Despite our victory it still was one of the hardest game it the whole tournament.

Semi-final. Uprising – Vorai.
Till then both teams won all their games. We knew that Vorai had very tough players with incredible skills. During the game we won maybe one or two skies which are usually our strenght.
We were losing from the very begining. And at the end when the score was 13-10 for Vorai we started to fight for every inch, getting our jerseys veeeery dirty!
We manage to make 3 Ds and scored 4 times to win the game 14-13. Best game of the tournament, the toughest one. But with great comeback on our site.
We should also mention about the spirit. After the game both teams agreed that the spirit wasn’t as good as we wish it to be. We should work on the way of resolving problems and discussing calls.
It’s also part of the game which has to be improved!

Over the Rising POT the sun shone. Everyone could see the game without fear of coldness and rain.

In this last game we met again Yellow Block. Unfortunately our opponents were unable to collect wide roster for Rising POT.
That’s way there were only 8 of them playing against us in the final. Despite that they ran hard, forced us to do many mistakes and played very, very good for the whole game.
But finally we won 13-10!

It was our third final in a row (after “se7en” and “Hamburg Rumble”) and eventually we manage to win it!

During the whole weekned we focused on our new offensive and defensive plays.
We tried to use them in every game to correct mistakes and get better before the matches which wait for us later in the season.

Thanks for every team we played and players who attended Rising POT. As you know it was the first Open/Woman Tournament in Poland.
That’s way you helped us to start the new chapter in our Ultimate-History.
Thank you for that and hope to see you next year!!!


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Rising Pot 13 Layout


Official picturess https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=245445112262274&set=a.245430305597088.1073741829.169332333206886&type=1&theater

Some more pics by Agnieszka : https://www.facebook.com/agnieszka.bandurska/photos?collection_token=1166928793%3A2305272732%3A69&set=a.10200368312708211.1073741828.1166928793&type=1


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