We could write a cheesy story about the end of an era, but here’s the deal in short:
After 11 beautiful years Morli & Bommie have decided the time has come for Get Horizontal to say goodbye. Not in a miserable, failure kind of way, but in a realistic, future-proof and most importantly proud kind of way.

From day one our mission has always been this:

To promote the culture of ultimate frisbee and to inspire people worldwide to go out and live #theultimatelife.

We’ve published tons of articles, created beautiful content at countless events worldwide, dropped some epic lifestyle clothing collections and had tons of fun with loads of people while doing all of these things. We’re proud to say we’ve succeeded in our mission, but it’s time to move on and make way for future generations.
Below is a more elaborate breakdown of our adventure, but it basically comes down to this: gratitude for one of the biggest adventures of our lifetime!

The origins.

The idea for Get Horizontal originated back in 2007 when avid ultimate player Johan Bommerez launched a solution to one of the issues he had been encountering throughout the Belgian & European ultimate scene. After attending many tournaments he found it nearly impossible to retrieve any kind of results or photos from tournaments all across the EU. After a little bit of research and some online inspiration by the early birds that were Jim Parinella’s Blog and The Huddle, to name but a few, the official weblog Get Horizontal was born on February 1st 2008. A website too hideous to ever be seen again, it quickly gathered a rather large international online following, especially after joining Facebook and other social media channels around that time.

The adventurous years.

After 6 years of blogging and logging, the time had come to step it up. Enter Kristof Morlion, the mastermind, the fixer, the man with a plan. Through this brand new partnership the boys decided to enter an exciting new phase for Get Horizontal and founded an official company. This quickly resulted in a new chapter that involved official media coverage contracts for multiple editions of both Windmill Windup in Amsterdam, and Tom’s Tourney in Bruges, Belgium, 2 of Europe’s biggest ultimate frisbee tournaments around. More official journalism adventures included WCBU in Dubai in 2015, EUCF in 2012-13-14, Paganello and even expanded all the way to Ulticopa in Mexico and USAU Nationals in 2013 with our main, supporting partner at the time: Five Ultimate. Along the way we were media partners at events such as Sandslash, Yes But Nau, Dublin’s Golden Cup, Bubblepest, G-Spot and too many events to name. We hosted Throwvember picture contests and even a Surf & Frisbee Expo with Quiksilver & Wouter Struyf. Overall we became more professional and reached a lot of people, did some partnership stuff with Layout Gloves, Flashflight, the AUDL, Disc Store, Tokay Ultimate, Aria Ultimate, Spikeball and many others.

Eventually we teamed up with the lovely folks over at VC Ultimate to bring you more clothing at WUGC 2018 and hosted the now already legendary DreamTeam Fest in France in 2018. Celebrating 10 years of Get Horizontal with 250 players from 10 different countries in the amazing Pine Beach Paradise by BoardX was a dream come true, and the culmination of a decade filled with ultimate adventures.

Speaking of adventures: after long conversations on what it meant for us to be an ultimate player, we launched a little something that 5 years later still makes us proud. A baseline that eventually resulted in a hashtag, simple yet very meaningful:


A symbol for the adventurous lifestyle we tirelessly promoted, a symbol for what it meant to get up from your couch, go outside, meet new and old friends, play ultimate, be active and enjoy life to the fullest. Doing all of these things is and always will be one of the things that made us, and many like minded people, feel most alive.

The end.

After all of these epic adventures, and hours, days, weeks and even months voluntarily invested into this project: why say goodbye? Here’s the breakdown.

Sometimes people need to move forward and let go of things. Life moves forward, friendships move forward, ambitions move forward, families move forward. We had a blast, and we genuinely hope each and every one of the people we reached both off- and online, also had a blast. What a ride it has been. While we’re at it: can we invite you to share your favourite ultimate memories by tagging @gethorizontal and #theultimatelife? We’d love to see some more stories pop up on social media, whether they were Get Horizontal-inspired or not.

If there’s one thing we can really finish this life-changing adventure off with, it’s this message: keep on living #theultimatelife. Whether it be throwing a frisbee on the beach with friends, or playing die-hard competitive ultimate, it’s about being the best and simplest version of yourself, while connecting with others.
In other words, and an underestimated power: frisbee connects people.

It was a pleasure serving you.

A sincere thank you from the Get Horizontal crew:

Kristof Morlion & Johan Bommerez
Morli & Bommie

Special thanks.

Our gratitude is eternal, and many of the following people we’ll remember till the end of times.

A sincere thank you to our hometeam Gentle Ultimate, David Picon, Ravi Vasudevan, Ingeborg Kuijlaars, Jelle Carron, Maz, Glenn Nolf aka Mr Toms Tourney, Borre, Seppen, Ratje, Stanny, Guido en de Jean, en ol de reste from the Tom’s Tourney crew, Nan, Tris, Yves Groen, Erik Doesburg, Coen Nengerman, Erik Van Der Spek, Bicycle Mark and the entire Windmill crews from over the years, Vehro, Zahlen, Xtehn, Rohre, Christian and all of the amazing Five Ultimate crew, Adriana Withers @ VC Ultimate, Mr. Leenknecht our awesome designer, Milan Goud, Felix Shardlow @ Push Pass, Edmundo Mercier, Agnieszka Skorupka, Kimme + Lolo + Eddie + Clint + the entire BoardX crew, Robin Lamy from Tokay, Nathan Kolakovic aka badass videographer, the Haven crew Wouter, Filip and John, Illia Shypunov, Ted & Jos @ NFB, Oddi @ EUF, Volker @ WFDF, Patrick Van der Valk @ BULA, Elliot Trotter & Liam Rosen @ Skyd Magazine, Charlie @ Ultiworld, Mario O’Brien, Tim Morrill, David Pryce & The ShowGame crew, Gege and the Paga crew, Martin Rasp, Smok & Wika from Sandslash, Christian Jennewein @ Ffindr, Don Laczi, Thomas and the Eurodisc team, the Fanseat crew, Wouter Vandamme as our one person board of directors, Nathalie Samain, Vane & Miriam @ Juf/Ulticopa Mexico, Barry Walsh & The Siege crew, Herbie, the lovely Irish folks over at the Golden Cup, Javi & Diane @ Flip Wear, Daan & Kristof @ Suburban, the WCU crew @ Denmark, Heiko & Robert Pesch, Cyril & Ben @ Force Ultimate, and so many others we’ve unfortunately forgotten to mention here (really sorry).

Special thanks goes out to our GH ambassadors Amber Dewaele, Paola Nava, Justin Foord, Sasha Pustovaya, Laura Malisse, Nena Ruijs for repping GH all those years!.

Extra special thanks for the extended Get Horizontal crew: Raf Celis, Mark Earley, Wouter Struyf, Jelle Van Coillie, Quentin Dupré Latour.

To our most awesome partner in crime, Christina Williams: eternal gratitude for all of the fucking great & legendary adventures!

Last but definitely not least: our families and in particular Veerle and Katrijn, for your unconditional support and endless patience.